MARIETTA, Ga. -- The statements from a local police chief and an attorney appear to be at-odds with one another regarding the fate of an officer who was shown on video making racist comments.

Lt. Greg Abbott allegedly made the comments to a motorist he pulled over in 2016. In the video, Abbott is shown and can be heard saying, "We only kill black people."

Cobb Chief of Police Mike Register announced on Thursday that Abbott, a veteran of the department, had received a proposal to terminate as a result. Abbott was also notified of the decision on Thursday.

“I’ve known Lt. Abbott for many years,” Register said. “He does not have a history of any discriminatory conduct. I’ve known him to be an honorable man, but this type of conduct and verbiage will not be tolerated within the Cobb police department.”

He added that Abbott had been given notice of the proposal to terminate but also added that it was a lengthy process. The officer's attorney released a statement later in the evening that appears to show that the process gave Abbott the opportunity to quit before the firing could officially go into effect.

"This afternoon, after 27 years of faithful service to the citizens of Cobb County, Lt. Greg Abbott made the decision to retire," Attorney Lance LoRusso said.

Cobb police officials later confirmed that Abbott filed the notice of his retirement effective immediately - and that the department had accepted.