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Former Clayton County sheriff facing another lawsuit

This time it's regarding street racing arrests from back in 2021.

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Embattled former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is facing yet another federal lawsuit.

This time it's regarding street racing arrests from back in 2021, when over 100 people were arrested after a group was caught doing donuts in a Sam's Club parking lot.

The sheriff's office claimed the round-up was part of a street-racing crackdown. However, none of those arrested were actually charged with street racing or any other traffic violation.

It also alleges the Clayton County Police Department and Sheriff's Office mounted a disproportionate response to suspected street racing "in response to public pressure and humiliation," including a Facebook comment to an anti-street racing post by the police department saying CCPD, "won't do anything about it."

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Filed this week, the lawsuit names Hill, who was sheriff at the time, and Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts, along with all the deputies and officers who were there that night.

The lawsuit argues that everyone arrested was defamed by being labeled as "street racers" and were falsely arrested for "loitering and prowling."

11Alive received a copy of the lawsuit on Tuesday.

"Without reasonable or particularized suspicion to suspect unlawful activity, much less probable cause to suspect the commission of a crime, the deputies and officers seized and arrested 75 adults and 27 (then) minors who were located at the empty Sam’s parking lot after closing hours," the suit states. "Even though the individuals arrested received bail for 'Loitering or Prowling' ... no formal accusation has been filed, to date."

The suit argues those who were arrested on the night of March 13, 2021, "lawfully stood outside vehicles or occupied vehicles without making annoying or offensive noise or doing anything else that might annoy or disturb any person in the proximity, or otherwise."

Hill, meanwhile, has already been convicted of civil rights violations related to the use of a restraint chair on inmates at the Clayton County Jail.

He's set to be sentenced next week. 

Hill has also faced lawsuits related to the restraint chair issue.

The new lawsuit alleges the people arrested for street racing faced undue treatment at the Clayton County Jail, as well.

"Upon their arrival at the jail, Plaintiffs were humiliated with strip-searches, made to march and chant under direct threats of violence, and denied access to requested medications," the suit states.

It adds those who were arrested were "intentionally subjected to inhumane conditions including the deprivation of food and water" and "expressly threatened with acts of violence" and "in one instance, a deputy held a Taser within an inch of a plaintiff's eye while threatening to harm in."

The suit is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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