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Forsyth man keeping bees on old school bus

Q: When is a school bus not a school bus? A: WHEN IT'S FULL OF BEES!

When is a school bus not a school bus? When it's full of bees. A Forsyth man is taking a different approach to beekeeping.

Tracy Buff is the man behind the "bee bus." He said he came up with the idea a couple of years ago when a friend loaned him a bus and he went to work. “There used to be kids sitting in this bus, but now, they're baby bees,” said Buff.

He made holes in the walls of the bus so that the bees could fly in and out. Beekeeping has become a hobby for him. He moves them to three different locations each year using the bus. It’s called "migratory beekeeping," which helps keep the bees be productive longer, making more honey, and staying alive.

While the bee bus seems like a funny idea, Buff says that the fate of the bee population is nothing to laugh about. “Unless people start taking care of bees right now, I don’t think that wild bees are going to survive. I think it’s entirely up to us to learn how to keep bees healthy,” said Buff.

The bees that Buff cares for produce four different kinds of honey, which his wife sells at her art shop in Forsyth called The Art Buff Studio.

Buff says he rotates the bus among the mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, Perry, and his home in Monroe County, and he will soon add the second one to the rotation.