ATLANTA — A Georgia prosecutor has put up billboards seeking information about three police-involved shootings.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard announced Wednesday that the billboards near where each shooting happened ask anyone with information to call his office.

"The goal is to get to the truth," he said. "We are not trying to particularly clear or to support one side or the other. We're trying to get to the truth and when we talk to people that's what they say that they want."

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Billboards created asking witnesses to share information about police shootings

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On Dec. 29, officers shot and injured Devin Nolley on Interstate 285. 

East Point police say Nolley was driving a stolen vehicle and fled onto the interstate after hitting an unmarked police car.

On Jan. 16, a plainclothes Atlanta officer shot and killed Dettrick Griffin. Police say Griffin slipped into the officer's car at a gas pump and began to drive away.

Police say an Atlanta SWAT officer fired his gun during a March 13 encounter with Kenneth Gilbert Sr. and Kenneth Gilbert Jr. at a busy intersection. Both Gilberts were injured.

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The total cost of the billboards add up to more than $9,000. There is also a social media campaign aimed at encouraging witnesses to come forward.

These cases are currently under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.