Karma Little may only be six years old, but she's fighting stage four Neuroblastoma and is now a sworn honorary Twiggs County deputy.

"Shes one of the rare cases where she kinda tolerates it. Well, she's still active. Usually while we're in the hospital, she's pretty down," her mother Jennifer Little said.

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One thing that brightened little Karma's day during clinical trials in New York City is visits from NYPD officers.

"She didn't realize that little girls could be police officers, too," Little said.

She even spent her 6th birthday with officers.

When she got back to Twiggs County, the first thing she wanted to do was to meet the Sheriff Darren Mitchum.

"It just really touched me like I've never been touched before and she's very special," Mitchum said.

That's why he knew he needed to make her part of his team.

"Well, she's definitely my youngest honorary deputy I probably have, but she's probably the special-est one," Mitchum said.

He wants her new badge to give her hope that one day she will be well.

"After this trial, we don't have any other trials available to us at this time, so definitely, finding a cure is the number one goal," Little said.