ATLANTA - Police are investigating after another Georgia Tech students was robbed at gunpoint late Sunday night.

Atlanta PD received a call for reports of a pedestrian robbery on 1116 Snyder Street NW.

Officers arrived and met with a Georgia Tech student who told officers he was walking alone when a gray 4-door sedan came up from behind him and stopped.

The victim then said two black males wearing hoodies exited the vehicle and one of the suspects toted a gray handgun with half of his face covered in a mask.

There was a third suspect waiting in the vehicle.

The suspect holding the gun told the victim, "Give me your bag". The victim complied and the suspects continued to search his pockets for additional items.

They then proceeded to get back into the vehicle and turned west on 14th Street, NW.

The victim said the backpack contained a Predator laptop and a P8 Lite cell phone.

This is the third student robbed at gunpoint by two suspects within three weeks. There were two other incidents where groups of students were robbed by two suspects.

All three robbery locations are less than one mile apart from each other.

Police have not confirmed that these incidents were related.

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