DECATUR, Ga. -- According to a release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Crime Lab, the list of the most popular drugs in Georgia have been released.

The data was compiled through data taken from law enforcement seizures that were tested by the crime labs since May 22, 2018, from 3,954 different drug cases.

The counties with the highest opioids use were Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Chatham counties.

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The top 6 drugs that were tested were:

1. Methamphetamines

2. Cocaine

3. Alprazolam

4. Oxycodone

5. Heroin

6. Hydrocodone

The most seized opioids were:

1. Oxycodone

2. Heroin

3. Hydrocodone

4. Fentanyl/analogs

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