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$83.5M to local law enforcement around Georgia | Where and how much around Atlanta

The grants range from funding the hiring of new personnel to purchasing new technology systems or upgrades.

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp this week announced more than $80 million in public safety grants to local law enforcement agencies and other organizations around the state.

In amounts from the tens of thousands to more than $1 million, the Governor's Office allocated the grants to 118 projects that will, according to a release, aim to "improve community-level public safety measures and address law enforcement staffing challenges that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic."

The grants range from funding the hiring of new personnel to purchasing new technology systems or upgrades.

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Gov. Kemp said in a statement that "we're sending reinforcements to keep hardworking Georgians and their neighborhoods safe."

Here's a look at the grants that will go to metro Atlanta agencies and others around north Georgia, as well as how much they're getting.

Atlanta/Fulton County

  • Atlanta Police Department (Investment in gun safety equipment and training for citizens, as well as cloud-based technology and maintenance) $1,649,965.90
  • City of East Point (Eye in the Sky project) $1,620,300
  • City of Sandy Springs (Violent Crime Reduction Team) $752,514.40
  • City of Sandy Springs (Support staffing for Violent Crime Reduction Team) $869,675.40
  • Fulton County Board of Education (Implement a Concealed Weapons Detection initiative to prevent students and non-students from bringing weapons to schools) $1,586,024
  • Fulton County Government and Sheriff's Office (Fulton Youth Violent Crime Reduction program) $110,000
  • South Fulton Police Department (Implementation of real-time crime center and deployment of gunshot technology and other equipment) $1,548,305

Total: $8.137 million 

DeKalb County

  • Brookhaven Police Department (Implementation of a Mobile Community Engagement Hub) $347,542.80
  • City of Chamblee (Implement a co-responder program pairing experienced clinicians with officers, providing mental health services support and follow-up) $280,500
  • City of Chamblee (Investment in new, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to give officers the tools needed to improve services) $1,368,793.80
  • City of Clarkston (Invest in cloud-based technology and equipment) $409,966.70
  • DeKalb County Government (Personal Care and Medical Transport Project) $686,400
  • DeKalb County Police Department (Utilize new technology as a force multiplier throughout DeKalb County) $993,648.70
  • DeKalb County School District (Install touchless security systems in all high schools) $1,650,000
  • Doraville Police Department (Enhance the Department's ability to combat violent crimes and use technology to detect gunfire and other audio associated with crimes) $220,000
  • Doraville Police Department (Investment in technology) $330,000
  • Doraville Police Department (Investment in technology to assist officers in more effectively gathering intelligence and evidence from suspects and victims) $27,637.50
  • Doraville Police Department (Rebuild and upgrade surveillance vehicle) $83,732
  • Georgia Piedmont Technical College (Integration of advanced technology and equipment into the college's emergency response tactics) $1,650,000
  • Lithonia Police Department (Protect our Streets program) $265,368.40
  • Lithonia Police Department (Establish a mentoring program for 150 at-risk youth and young adults in the Lithonia area) $1,053,846.20 

Total: $9.367 million

Cobb County

  • Acworth Police Department (Initiate the Intelligence-Led Policing Initiative) $930,858.94
  • City of Kennesaw (Incorporate a Real-Time Crime Prevention Platform) $325,600
  • City of Marietta (Investment in equipment and technology for scenarios where real-time, rapid response is necessary) $411,180
  • Cobb County Police Department (Acquire additional technology to further  the capabilities of the crime center) $1,154,857
  • Kennesaw State University Research and Service Foundation (Integrate technology into a crisis preparedness plan aimed at identifying potential threats and providing swift responses to gun-related incidents) $642,213
  • Smyrna Police Department (Invest in technology) $253,000

Total: $3.718 million

Gwinnett County

  • Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners (Equipment and technology for the Situational Awareness and Response Center to provide valuable intelligence and better inform responding officers) $1,525,409.60
  • Lawrenceville Police Department (Upgrades to software and hardware) $725,102.40

Total: $2.251 million

Clayton County

  • Clayton County Police Department (Purchase of a National Integrated Ballistic Information Network tool) $280,493.40
  • Jonesboro Police Department (To support the following programs: Gang Resistance Education and Training; No Neighborhood Left Behind; JPD Senior Citizens Outreach Plus Engagement; Community Garden, Community Block Party, Literacy Project, and the Teen Summit Program) $1,160,033.60

Total: $1.441 million


  • Bartow County (Purchase Taser certification bundles) $221,760
  • Cherokee County Sheriff's Office (Purchase and installation of new equipment and technology to improve public safety) $518,787.50
  • Forsyth County (Form additional Critical Incident Response Teams to continue reducing the number of people with mental illness booked into the detention center) $832,960.70
  • McCaysville Police Department (Restore force protection levels and provide technology as a force multiplier to leverage law enforcement personnel) $941,326.10
  • Pickens County Sheriff's Office (Investment in additional public safety equipment and technology) $1,126,400

Total: $3.641 million


  • Butts County Sheriff's Office (Provide equipment and technology directly to officers on patrol and investigators, increasing the effectiveness of locating and arresting violent gang offenders and those involved in interstate narcotics transport and human trafficking) $660,000
  • Henry County Board of Commissioners (Train and equip all peace officer personnel in the usage of ballistic shields and breaching equipment in the event of an active shooter situation) $128,471.20
  • Henry County Police Department (Invest in gunshot detection technology) $1,650,000
  • Rockdale County (Rockdale Community Violence Intervention and Violent Crime Reduction Project) $1,050,528.60
  • Stockbridge Police Department (Implement a gun violence and violent crime reduction project) $905,575

Total: $4.395 million


  • Athens-Clarke County Police Department (Enhanced recruitment incentives for current employees and enhanced hiring incentives for applicants) $1,650,000
  • Barrow County Sheriff's Office (Acquire a Leica Geosystems Scene Scan unit) $83,778.20
  • Barrow County Sheriff's Office (Acquire new law enforcement grade technology) $20,253.20
  • Commerce Police Department (Implement 21st-century policing intelligence-led strategies to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life in the community) $79,310
  • Danielsville Police Department (Danielsville Police Department's Community Violence Reduction Program) $22,770

Total: $1.856 million


  • City of Carrollton (Invest in new equipment and technology to combat the increase in violent crime) $1,100,752.40
  • City of Cedartown (Implement Equipment to Reduce Violent Crime Project) $415,688.90
  • City of Cedartown (Additional law enforcement personnel to aid in investigations and address violent crime) $671,573.10
  • City of Hogansville (To adopt technology assigned to the community's School Resource Officer that will also be available for a wide variety of other public safety scenarios) $684,361.03
  • City of LaGrange (Invest in a complete technological overhaul of existing data tracking system) $1,430,000
  • Dallas Police Department (Provide equipment and technology, including automated license plate readers, gunshot detection, predictive policing, and face recognition) $260,342.50
  • Douglas County (Fill additional officer positions and provide equipment that will enable a more effective law enforcement response to the rise in violent crime) $1,115,591.40
  • Douglas County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff's Office (Provide additional officer positions and equipment) $1,075,441.40
  • Douglas County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff's Office (Building further capacity to respond to violent crime) $40,150
  • Paulding County Board of Commissioners (Invest in a system to find stolen guns and prevent them from being used to commit violent crimes) $13,576.20
  • University of West Georgia (Investment in portable alert system) $1,047,750

Total: $7.855 million


  • Catoosa County Sheriff's Office (Provide additional officers to be deployed as School Resource Officers) $804,521.30
  • City of Eton (Hire an additional patrol officer) $57,687.30
  • City of Rome (Invest in new equipment and technology to improve officer and public safety) $1,214,219.60
  • Floyd County Board of Commissioners (The Floyd County Sentry Initiative) $1,012,303.03
  • Walker County Sheriff's Office (Invest in new equipment and technology that improves safety and modernizes digital intelligence) $558,697.70
  • Whitfield County (Law enforcement staffing project) $1,246,837.90

Total: $4.894 million


  • White County Sheriff's Office (Provide hard-plated armor, carriers, and ballistic helmets in kit form to be issued to all certified officers in the agency) 

Total: $62,700


  • (Hiring of law enforcement officials to support, serve and protect the authority's service area and community) $1,402,971.90

Total: $1,402,971.90


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