The Georgia city known far and wide as a go-to place for St. Patrick's Day is dealing with a litter problem - and not a small one.

Savannah annually brings in thousands of visitors for its St. Patrick's Day parade and was prepared for the garbage that they'd bring. And while the Hostess City had crews ready to get the litter where it belongs, photos shared online show just how bad it was when partiers left one of the famous squares in historic downtown.

"Revelers may have trashed a portion of Wright Square but thanks to City staff and civic-minded volunteers the clean-up is well underway," the city wrote on their parade information page.

The Savannah Police Department also chimed in and thanked the groups working to clean up the square after they "were not left in a decent condition."

They also had a message for anyone else in town for the rest of the weekend: "This is our home, don't trash it."