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Here's a look at Georgia's Constitution

Changes to the document were adopted in 1982.
Georgia's state capitol in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Georgians live under the protections of the United States Constitution and also its own version in the state. 

In its inception, the document helped provide the framework for Georgia to transition from a colony to a state. During the Civil War, Georgia also revised its sacred document to reflect the interest of the newly formed Confederate States of America. As a living document, the state's constitution has seen revisions and the latest version of Georgia's Constitution was last adopted in November 1982, with its changes taking effect in July 1983.

It outlines the rights of the state's residents, which, in simple terms, are 27 specific protections as explained in Section 1 of its Bill of Rights. Some of these protections include the right to keep and bear arms, the right to courts and the tradition of fishing and hunting.

When faced with legal challenges, Georgia's Supreme Court weighs the state's constitution with respect to protected rights and Georgia's government makeup.

Take a look at Georgia's Constitution below.

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