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Georgia's Hope supporters fear marijuana bill 'in danger of dying'

A Georgia advocacy group will be holding a press conference in order to keep awareness up on a bill that will enable patients who suffer from PTSD and intractable pain to receive low quantities of THC oil and medical marijuana.

Georgia’s Hope was established in 2013 to push medical cannabis further along in Georgia’s legislation.

According to the co-founder, Sebastien Cotte, State Representative Allen Peake is an avid advocate for the HB764 bill.

“Our mission is to get the right medicine to the right people – no matter the strain of cannabis, no matter the age of the patient, no matter the condition of the patient. All Georgia citizens who are suffering deserve the ability to access a medicine that could potentially provide the relief that they are not getting from traditional treatments and medications.

We will continue to work on making Georgia a legitimate medical cannabis state where every patient has the ability to access medical cannabis. Please click here to see what is happening with this effort in 2018!”

Monday's press conference is focusing on reviving the bill Cotte believes is in ‘grave danger of dying’.

“Our press conference today is about HB764 the bill that would add PTSD and intractable pain to the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. However, Casey Cagle is refusing to give it a hearing without giving us any reasons. He actually refuses to talk to us.

There are no valid reasons we can think of for Casey Cagle not to want to help thousands of suffering Georgians.

Speaking Monday will be State Rep. Allen Peake, State Rep. David Clark, and Republican Governor candidate Clay Tippins.”

The press conference is being held at the State Capitol at 1:15 p.m.

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