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Gov. Kemp pens letter encouraging $5,000 pay bump for state employees

Georgia's governor also proposed other benefits in his note to state agency leaders.

ATLANTA — Georgia's Gov. Brian Kemp said he would put forward a $5,000 pay raise for full-time state employees in his budget proposal.

He released a letter Friday, outlining his intention to include it in the state's next spending plan. The salary bump would also include university professors.

Kemp, who is running for re-election, detailed a spending plan that would also make a $5,000 cost-of-living adjustment for full-time employees permanent, increase the employer match for 401(k) contributions to a maximum of 9% and allow employees to withdraw up to 40 hours of eligible leave annually.

"I am confident that these strategic investments in our state government workforce will enhance our ability to serve hardworking Georgians," he wrote in the letter to state agency leaders.

The governor acknowledged the challenges the coronavirus pandemic brought to the state, adding his proposed pay raise and benefits are to honor the employees who helped Georgia navigate it.

“During the pandemic, I asked for your help in making the tough, necessary spending cuts to ensure we were prepared for the unknown. You rose to the occasion, identifying ways to leverage technology, streamline operations and curb unnecessary expenditures while still improving customer service,” Kemp wrote.

The budget must be approved by state lawmakers.


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