BUFORD, GA (WXIA) -- They’re out 10-grand in equipment and learning a hard lesson. A Gwinnett County Boy Scout troop was devastated when a trailer holding all of their equipment was stolen, leaving them with nothing.

What’s tough about this, is that it’s a new troop, and they don’t have a permanent home yet – so everything they use for Scouting was inside. Now, it’s just gone!

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Boy Scout Caiden Spreatz couldn’t believe it.

“Surprise, then devastated,” he said.

The scouts in Troop 1109 were all frustrated someone stole all of their equipment.

“I’m very disappointed in the person who stole it,” said scout Aiden Weng.

“It’s just very frustrating that we lost everything,” said scout Cameron Gillion.

“We had food in there from other trips we could use again,” said scout Carson Edwards. “We had cooking materials.”

The camping, cooking and hiking gear was in the back of a trailer in a storage unit in Buford. When they went to pick it up for their next adventure, it was gone.

“A number of them were shocked, surprised,” said scout leader Tom Gillion. “Who would steal from the Boy Scouts?”

Gillion said the boys bought all of the equipment themselves.

“The boys have worked really hard to do fund raisers,” he said. “They’ve done car washes, sold popcorn.”

Even though losing their stuff is a big blow, Gillion thinks the theft can serve a purpose.

“They’re going to learn in a really hard way to overcome this,” he said.

But the scouts think the thieves could learn a lesson of their own.

“Why would you sink that low?” asked Caiden.

“It’s just so sad, because we really need that equipment to go on out campouts,” said scout Liam Weng.

Matt Lindsay co-owns the trailer that was stolen with his brother, and says the police have already called him once about a possible sighting.

“The police have contacted us. They’re working really hard on it, and we appreciate their diligence,” he said.