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Gwinnett inmates' rescue efforts save another deputy's life

In just a matter of weeks, two deputies suffer life threatening medical emergencies in the Gwinnett Jail, and inmates come to their aid both times.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Just a few weeks after a Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy suffered from a cardiac arrest and a group of inmates came to his aid, the sheriff's office is sharing a similar story.

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On Aug. 16, Deputy Patrick Edmond was conducting cell searches at the Gwinnett County Jail when a group of inmates noticed something was wrong. The sheriff's office said that Edmond reported feeling dizzy after picking up a blanket. 

"One of the inmates told the deputy that he didn't look well," explained Public Information Officer Shannon Volkodav.

According to Volkodav, the deputy didn't know that he was suffering from a stroke. Inmates John Queen, Darius Wilson, Matthew Fountain, Jattir Moton, Rodrequs Wells and Brad Louden helped the deputy to a chair and used his police radio to call for help.

Deputy Edmond was flown to Grady Hospital, where he received life-saving surgery. The sheriff's office said that he has made a full recovery and is expected to return to duty soon.

Credit: Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office
Deputy Patrick Edmond

The sheriff's office said that the rescue efforts by inmates on two separate instances demonstrates the positive relationships that can be formed within a jail between inmates and law enforcement.

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“It’s pretty incredible that in just a matter of weeks, we have had two young deputies with no medical histories suffer life-threatening medical emergencies while they’re on duty working in the jail, and both times inmates came to their rescue," added Deputy Volkodav.

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