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Hapeville artist leaves her stamp on the community

Jennifer Upton shares with My East Point News what inspired her Hapeville sticker design.

HAPEVILLE, Ga. — We’ve all heard the saying, ‘I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission’? A couple of months ago, Hapeville artist, Jennifer Upton designed a sleek, trendy new logo for the City of Hapeville. The funny thing about that is, she didn’t bother to wait for permission, she just did it. 

“There was nothing that I could put on my body and wear and take out with me that says ‘Hapeville,’ laments Upton, “So I wanted to create something like that.”

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Upton and her husband, Tony have lived in Georgia since 2004 but have only recently relocated to Hapeville. It’s there where Upton claims her art found ‘her home.’ Traditionally a steel artist working with heavy metals and photography, Upton admits that she had never even designed a sticker before.

Credit: Hapeville Sticker design by Jennifer Upton

“If you’ve noticed, there’s a big billboard on the interstate that says ‘Hapeville: A Home for the Arts,” declares Upton, ”It’s my job (as a local artist) to help make that true.”

In the short time since producing her ‘Hapeville’ stickers, she has noticed them popping up all over town. Upton began selling them on her Esty store and even struck up a partnership with the local Hapeville coffee shop, Drip, to sell them along with her other artwork. 

For the immediate future, Upton has designs on getting her artwork displayed in larger formats for outdoor spaces. Her five-year goal is to have a mural-sized installation of her metallic art displayed for the public. Seems she’s well on her way. 

For more information about Jennifer Upton and her artwork, click on the link to her website

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