UNION CITY, Ga. -- A family is grieving, in disbelief, after a loving husband and father sacrificed his life for his family. Now, the search is on for a person of interest in the man's shooting.

On Monday, police said Solomon Williams was shot through the door of his Gossamer Street home, in the Oakley Township Subdivision, around 4 p.m.

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The 58-year-old's wife Louisa, now a widow, said he was repairing the family's broken front door when she heard the scuffle. She said Solomon struggled trying to keep the armed intruder from getting inside his family's home.

"He just holding on, and the person is pushing, and my husband is pushing to close the door," she recounted.

That's when the sound of gunfire pierced the air.

She described to 11Alive's Ron Jones the moment she said she watched her husband's life slip away.

"He looked at me and looked at our girls, and looked at us, and he turned away, and I saw his eyes roll back and felt his pulse, and he had no pulse," she said, with pain in her voice. "He gave it everything."

PHOTOS | Solomon Williams, killed trying to protect his family

Louisa said she gave her husband of 11 years CPR before paramedics arrived. But then, her children came running down the stairs to the horror of what had transpired.

"I didn't know how to console my own kids, because I was inconsolable," Louisa said. "All they kept on doing was saying, 'Daddy please wake up, please wake up.'"

Police detectives are currently trying to identify this person of interest, who may have been the one to take away the life of a loving father and husband. They also released grainy home surveillance video that appeared to show the possible suspect walking away from the area.


Louisa, now preparing for her husband's funeral, is now pleading with the public for their help.

"My husband meant the world to me," she told 11Alive. "If anybody is watching, my heart is aching. If anybody knows this guy. I'm pretty sure he has a mom. A family member. Encourage him to do the right thing."