ATLANTA – An Atlanta family says black mold and enormous heating bills make their apartment unlivable and they want out.

Brandon Houston, Antonia Baker and their kids have been in their unit at Dahlridge Condominium Apartments in Atlanta for three months. The family just welcomed their third child three days ago.

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Baker said a contractor has been out to address the black mold issue in the master bedroom but water continues to pour in when it rains.

The couple refuses to turn on their heat due to a rising bill.

In a letter, Georgia Power informed the family that the HVAC unit needs repair. The unit isn't wired correctly, which is causing the bill to go up, the power company said.


11Alive's Chris Hopper got the apartment property manager, Nikki Tyson, on the phone with Baker and Houston Tuesday night. After some back and forth, Tyson added the contractor to the call.

“We replaced the drywall, and the baseboards and we did some mold treatment behind the wall but unfortunately they didn't seal the outside 100 percent and probably what happened the next day or so it was raining and again a lot of water got into that closet to the master bedroom,” the contractor said.

The contractor said he wasn't sure about the electrical bill but said he's had the HVAC inspected to see if it's hooked up correctly.

Even after the call, Baker and Houston said they still have their doubts.

"They're not going to come,” Houston said. "I wish they'd fix it for the next person that do come here, but we gone."

The couple are focused on getting out of this apartment for the sake of their three kids, including their 3-day-old baby. They know that won't be easy -- or cheap.

The contractor said on the phone he hopes to have the leak causing the mold fixed Tuesday or Wednesday. He says he's also planning to get the HVAC person out ASAP.

Tyson said she's committed to getting it fixed as well.

11Alive will stay on top of this story.