The top restaurant in Georgia might surprise you.

USA Today teamed up with Yelp to find the best restaurant in each state. After crunching the numbers, the top restaurant in Georgia, according to Yelp reviews, is Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen.

The restaurant, which is located right by Emory University Hospital Midtown at 565 Peachtree Street NE, garnered an average of 4.5 stars from 174 reviews.

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Some of the glowing reviews:

"As someone who appreciates how tough it is to make tasty plant-based stuff, particularly ones that don't rely on heavily processed fake meat, I appreciate it when it's done with mastery and here at Herban Fix it sure was. I will say this was the best Asian meal I have had in ATL, bar none." -- James H.

"This vegan and vegetarian restaurant will win over meat lovers, including myself. The menu was filled with ingredients I'm not familiar with - galangal, enoki, baozi, Ponzu, aburaage, etc. It's helpful to look at pictures beforehand or just go with the other ingredients that sounds familiar. I feel like you can't really go wrong with any of the dishes here. The food is gourmet and beautifully presented. I liked everything I tried during my dinner here." -- Misty H.

"What a beautiful, open space. Fantastic service. And most importantly, delicious, taste-full food. The chef is layering some excellent flavors with this menu." -- Tamara B

According to USA TODAY, Yelp came up with its rankings by using an algorithm to combine users’ ratings and reviews. Chains were excluded.

You can see Yelp’s top restaurants in each state here (Mobile users: Click the "i" to read the captions:

Some inspiration for this story was provided by our sister station KUSA.