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Delta dumping bandit keeps littering neighborhood

A neighborhood in South Fulton wants to know where this random trash is coming from.

Homeowners in the Hillandale Estates neighborhood are trying to figure out who is leaving heaps of trash on other people's property - some under the name of a prominent Atlanta company.

Residents in this neighborhood said that for the last three months they've tried to find out who's dumping trash that's ending up on the curbs and on the sides of their homes. Their only clue: some of the trash bags bare the name of a Delta Air Lines. The neighborhood itself is just south of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Riley, who doesn't want us to use his last name, said that he shakes his head every week when he walks out to a new load. He said it started in November and has continued.

This is a picture on Dec. 28, 2017.

Riley said that on different days and at different times someone is sneaking in unnoticed and dropping off their rubbish, forcing others to have to pay to get rid of it.

"Every time I come out here someone has dumped more trash out here and I would like for someone to find out who is doing this," he said. "It [is] very inconvenient and trifling of someone to take the time out to dump trash on the curb instead of taking it to the landfill."

Bright orange bags labeled 'Delta regulated garbage' stand out the most and generate the most questions.

Resident David Callahan sent us pictures taken from the side of his home. Like the other neighbors we spoke with, he doesn't believe that Delta is behind the dumping but thinks maybe someone illegally got ahold of the company's bags.

The residents said their calls to City of South Fulton officials have gone unanswered, but Riley said that if he could say one thing to the person responsible he would send a clear message.

"I would tell them that they are mighty trifling and that they need to get some morals about themselves and discontinue this," he said.

11Alive has reached out to both Delta and the City of South Fulton for answers. They have not responded.