SOUTH FULTON, Ga. -- Closed railroad crossings in southern Fulton County are cutting a local town in two - and neighbors say they aren't getting any answers about when this problem is going to be solved.

Near the intersection of Highway 92 and Lees Mill Road you'll find detour after detour in different directions and at different locations.

Neighbors can easily spot evidence of the constant back-ups in the early morning hours.

"At times, we can't even get in and out of our driveways," Vanetta Thomas said.

For Thomas, it's become a safety concern.

"We've seen ambulances, we've seen police cars and people have to turn around," Thomas said. "It is blocked sometimes anywhere from one to three hours."

In fact, 11Alive crews saw a tractor-trailer attempting to squeeze through a narrow residential road as a detail during the interview. Neighbors said the tracks are closed off temporarily to renovate the intersections.

"Right now, they're doing the crossings at the railroad tracks," said one member of the community.

"We've been having problems with trains blocking all five crossings in this community," another resident, Walter Hidman said.

11Alive reached out to the city of South Fulton which has been receiving the complaints about this community issue. They referred us to the Fulton County Department of Transportation. However, the person with the apparent answers to this problem was out with the flu.

But neighbors said they've been dealing with the same back-and-forth for months - unable to get a response about the issue.