Days after their son drowned during a birthday party at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, the victim's parents are still trying to figure out what happened.

And they say "no one" will tell them.

Officials said 10-year-old Stephen Akinlabi was found unresponsive in the hotel's pool on April 23 and was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

Now almost a week later, his grieving parents have questions for the hotel - and the party host.

Stephen's parents said no one from the hotel or the party has reached out to them since the drowning and they haven't returned their phone calls.

They've asked for surveillance video to see who was supervising that birthday party of about six or seven boys at the time Stephen went under.

And so the family is left with memories of a life and a tragedy - but few answers.

"Stephen was a boy who brought life, enjoyed life and wanted everybody to enjoy life like him - he had the biggest heart," Camecia Akinlabi said.

A handsome 10-year-old with a big heart and big smile, his mom said Stephen was an avid baseball and basketball player - though not a strong swimmer.

She wants to know how a friend's birthday party ended with Stephen at the bottom of the deep end, pulled out not by the party host but by four hotel guests from out of town.

A police report indicates the party host and his wife were at an opposite end of the pool. Attorney Terrance Madden is demanding more information.

"We are asking the parents of the children who were at the party to allow their children to participate in the investigation - tell the story of what happened," Madden said. "We're asking the Westin Peachtree Plaza to come forward with any video and any knowledge, any investigation they've done so our client can have some closure and can know how their son perished that day."

"We're looking for Justice for Stephen," he added.

11Alive's Valerie Hoff contacted the Westin and their parent company.

The Westin's manager said he didn't have any comments but may release a statement later in the day.

11Alive has also asked Fulton County for the operating permits for that hotel pool.