While the partial government shutdown is impacting some federal offices and employees, it's also starting to impact people and places in Georgia.

The nation is less than two weeks away from a federal holiday honoring a man who dedicated his life to Civil Rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Jan. 21. Dr. King's daughter,  Dr. Bernice King, announced activities to honor her late father, Thursday. She also mentioned how the shutdown affects The King Center.

She got emotional speaking about the park rangers who are usually by her side when she makes the MLK Day announcements each year.

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"As I stand here today, I feel a little bit of sadness. Our main partner is the National Park Service. I almost feel like crying and they're not here with us today," she said.

"I can feel that there's a space missing here," she said.

"It's obviously difficult but what makes it's most difficult is not known when this will come to the end."

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King commented on how some families could be having a hard time because of the shutdown. The Associated Press said said roughly 800,000 federal workers - more than half of them still on the job - are set to miss their first paycheck Friday under the stoppage that began Dec. 22. 

"Most of those people, their livelihoods, they make just enough money to take care of basic necessities and many people are having to reaching into savings, which is really unfortunate," King continued. 

"I miss their presence and I miss the energy they bring and add to what we do here at The King Center."

Even though they are absent, King said the show must go on.

"My mother used to say we are born for crises," she said. 

They King Center has a 10-day celebration planned full of events to honor the Civil Rights icon.

See a full schedule on their website.

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