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Leaders launch PSA to tackle human trafficking at Atlanta airport

State and local leaders came together to unveil the latest measures in the fight against human trafficking.

ATLANTA — State and local leaders are calling on you to help them battle a growing problem at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which they said may be happening right in front of you as you head out for a flight.

“Nearly 100 million passengers that come through here each year – sadly our success makes us a target for traffickers," Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens explained. 

Leaders unveiled new efforts to curb the problem Tuesday with a public service announcement that will air on monitors at the airport educating you on how to identify and reports signs of human trafficking.

“It’s all about getting people to start looking and more eyes and ears out there on the ground," Gov. Brian Kemp added. 

Leaders with UPS and Delta are also committing to training all drivers and pilots on how to spot human trafficking. 

“They're in the position to see something and say something. And we believe that they're the eyes and ears, not only on the roads but also in the skies," said Nikki Clifton, President of Social Impact for the UPS Foundation.

Over the last few years, First Lady Marty Kemp has helped her husband spearhead efforts to fight human trafficking in Georgia. The pair said they are building on that and plan to introduce a measure to increase penalties for organizations that fail to report trafficking. They believe this will pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. 

“You know, there are no political boundaries there. I mean, everybody wants safe communities," Gov. Kemp said.

State Attorney General Chris Carr said his human trafficking prosecution unit has recovered 116 victims since 2019. And while leaders celebrate that success, they say the fight never stops. 

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