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HVAC companies bogged down by service calls to repair overworked air conditioners

Sky Air Conditioning and Heating has already booked 200 calls since the beginning of the week.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The heat is putting a strain on crews working to repair air conditioning units, which have been cranking all week. 

One Charlotte company said if you don't have an appointment, and your air conditioner breaks down, you need to be patient.

Mack Pressley of Sky Air Conditioning and Heating said the company has already booked 200 calls since the beginning of the week.

"That is way above our capacity," he said. "We're trying our best to get out to people. We just don't have the manpower to do it sometimes."

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Pressley said the combination of a shortage of workers in the trades plus the demand for emergency services was making for some challenging times.

"You can expect a little [bit] of a wait," Pressley said. "Some companies are booking a week out right now. I think we don't have an availability unless something cancels, for maybe, two or three days."

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Jeff Brooks from Duke Energy said they've seen a high demand for electricity this week which their grid is designed to handle.

"We have the ability, if needed, to import power from out of state to help to meet the supply needs that we have," Brooks said. "But like any machine, and in extreme conditions, you may have an isolated equipment failure here or there, that would be nothing more than a small outage, kind of like you might have with a tree on the line or something like that."

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Brooks said they are prepared for the season for high temperatures resulting in high customer demand for electricity. 

"If you think about the electric grid, it's a machine that is designed to work in extreme conditions," Brooks said. "And it is performed very well and helped to deliver power for customers even as temperatures have been very high."

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Pressley said the inside of a home can get up to 95 degrees without a working air conditioner so they are putting a priority on the elderly or those with health issues. 

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"We're just going to stick to our plan," Pressley said. "We're going to try and take care of people. Get out there as fast as we can and deliver them some really good service."

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