LITHONIA, Ga. — The 9-year-old who was plowed over by a car that sped across a front yard is thanking all of the people who prayed and cared for her after she was injured.

LaDerihanna Holmes was outside with her friend, 11-year-old Alayshia Phillips, on Cherokee Valley Drive and Cherokee Valley Way when the incident happened on March 29.

“Right when we were about to sit down, a car came rushing through the yard and gave me most of the impact but also damaged her a little bit," she told 11Alive Tuesday during an interview. 

She's been out of the hospital for about two weeks, but her mom says she still has a long road to recovery.

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LaDerihanna Holmes and her mom Charlette Brown

"Because she's young, she should heal just fine," Charlette Bolton said the doctors told her. 

LaDerihanna suffered a fractured skull and broken pelvis. Her friend sustained a foot injury. 

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LaDerihanna's parents were upstairs watching TV from a room where the window overlooks the front yard. When she heard the impact, her mom's heart dropped. 

“I jumped up screaming ran down the stairs and screamed ‘my baby,'” she said.

A neighbor pulled the two girls away from the car that had crashed into the home. Surveillance video shows the impact on camera.

“The sight of my daughter, I couldn’t take it. It keeps flashing through my head," she said.

She thought her daughter was gone. As they performed CPR, there was one sign of hope. 

“I felt her heart beating, and that’s when I knew she was still here," Bolton said.

LaDerihanna remembers waking up in the hospital. Her mom is grateful she's still here. 

“The way that she was hit, it’s miraculous that she’s here," Bolton added.

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The family is glad she's home now, and there's proof of progress. When she left, she couldn't walk. But a few days ago, she was able to do just that. However, her pelvis bone is worse than they initially thought, so she needs more time to recuperate. 

"So they suggested she stop walking for about six to eight weeks to give it more time to heal," Bolton said.

“I have to use a walker and a wheelchair,” LaDerihanna said. “I don’t really like it, but I have to do it.”

LaDerihanna Holmes

In the meantime, she's being homeschooled. But she did get to visit her classmates lasts week. They gave her plenty of hugs - something that LaDerihanna called arm exercises.

“I got a lot of numbers - I’m still trying to finish putting them in my phone,” she joked.

Her spirits remain high throughout her new normal. 

“She’s been a trooper about everything that’s been going on," her mom said.

"I want to thank everybody who prayed for me and their well wishes," the 9-year-old said.

The suspect in the case, Gabriel Fordham, was denied bond in court earlier this month. His attorneys claim he was being carjacked, which led to the crash. Police are still investigating.