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Hundreds attend Emani Moss' funeral

Hundreds attended the funeral of Emani Moss, 10, who police say died at the hands of her father and stepmother. 

LAWRWENCEVILLE, Ga. --Hundreds gathered for a bittersweet, final farewell to 10 year old Emani Moss.

The crowd was a mix of family, church members and some total strangers.

Janna Melson remembers seeing Emani at church with her grandmother when she was just 4 or 5.

"I had to come. It's like its something very personal for me", said Melson.

Emani's body was found Saturday, November 2. Police say her father and stepmother starved her to death, then bought a trash can and tried to burn her body in it to hide the evidence.

Investigators found that trashcan just steps from the front door of their apartment in Lawrenceville.

11Alive News has since found police reports and DFCS records that show years of reported abuse involving Emani, but she was always put back in the home.

Erica Cruz brought her son Duron, 6, to the funeral. He is Emani's cousin and used to play with her.

"He wanted to say goodbye to her. I hope it will help. It has been very hard to explain to him what happened," said Cruz.

Inside the Greg Levitt Funeral Home on Scenic Highway there were large framed photos of Emani smiling and happy.

Several big floral arrangements surrounded the small urn containing her remains. At the time of her death police say she weighed just 32 lbs.

During the service Emani's preschool teacher, Lavonia Brown, recalled what a joy she was to have at school.

"She always had a smile and hugs for the other kids. I called her my little helper," said Brown.

Young Brooklyn Marsh is a cousin of Emani's who stood at the podium talked about how she considered her more of a sister. Some of her comments were heartbreaking to hear coming from someone so little.

"She wants us to be happy that she is up with god and that she doesn't have to she's feel any more pain, abuse or hurt," said Marsh.

Emani's young uncle, Doron McArthur, was supposed to sing a solo at the service, but choked up moments before.

"I have no words to sing. Weshouldn't even be here right now. Myself and a host of others, we feel like, I feel like, I could have done more. I'm sorry," said McArthur.

Grieving openly Emani's grandmother, Robin Moss, helped release several white doves after the funeral. A symbol of Emani--so small, innocent and now free.

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