MARIETTA, GA -- US Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) says it would be "best" if Roy Moore withdraws his US Senate candidacy in Alabama. Georgia’s senior senator says doing so would be in the best interest of the county and the long term interest of the Republican party.

"I think the credibility of the accusation is a lot greater than the credibility of the defense," Isakson said in an interview Monday with 11Alive News.

Five women have accused Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct – one of them, in a tearful news conference Monday shortly after Senator Isakson spoke to us.

Asked if he though Moore should withdraw his candidacy, Isakson said: "I don’t know how you don’t after a while. I mean – I think (it would be) the best for the country, best for the state of Alabama and way down the line, best for the Republican party... (for) all their interests, it’d be best."

Moore is a fiery former state Supreme Court justice whose evangelical message appealed to Republican voters in an Alabama special election primary. Moore now faces a tight race with a Democrat.

Isakson is in his third US Senate term, a committee chairman who is looking ahead to helping Republicans pass a tax reform bill. Moore’s undoing could undermine the GOP agenda. Isakson says it doesn’t matter. "There are times when politics takes a back seat to certain things, and one of them is morality and integrity. So that’s what ought to apply first, regardless of the politics," Isakson said.

And with only a few days before the special election, Isakson it’ll likely be up to Alabama voters to make the call on Roy Moore.