HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A secret caller threatened to kill a woman who is trying to make Eagle's Landing its own city.

Police said a Stockbridge man was behind several threatening phone calls to a board member on the Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee, the group that wants to make Eagle's Landing its own city.

Coren Michael Randazzo was arrested for terroristic threats after police discovered he was behind the calls.

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The woman who received the threatening calls did not want to be identified as she now lives in fear. She did tell 11Alive she found the courage to talk about the calls that, she said, have now put her family in danger.

“It’s really changed my life. I thought I’ve been followed a couple of times. Always looking over my shoulder which is something I’ve never done before,” she said. “It scared me to death.”

The calls started at the end of March, the day after the end of Georgia’s legislative session. The woman received three calls back-to-back with a serious threat.

“He said, ‘you better watch your back’ and I said, ‘what?’ He said, ‘you better watch your back because of your involvement with the city of Stockbridge and the city of Eagles Landing, we are going to take you out,’” she told 11Alive.

The woman said she just hung up and didn’t respond.

She said all the calls sounded like they were from different people, two of them men and one the voice of a woman, but police said Randazzo is the only one implicated in the case.

Randazzo, however, is a stranger to the woman he called.

“I’ve never met the man. Do not know the man. Never heard his name, never seen him,” she said.

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She said she stopped driving her car and now checks in with her family every couple of hours.

“They were told that just because someone came after me doesn’t mean they can’t come after them.”

The city of Stockbridge sent 11Alive a statement that said in part, “the reported incident is unfortunate and bothersome. We will continue to advocate civility in all community discussions.”

However, this board member has a feeling this is only going to get worse before the November vote.

She did tell 11Alive that even though the threats and phone calls make her nervous, she will not back down.