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'It's in a bag!' Hear the 911 call from the night Baby India was found

Sheriff's officials are still trying to find the mother of Baby India, whom they rescued June 6.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — It's been weeks since a Forsyth County family made a shocking discovery - a newborn baby inside a plastic bag in the woods near their home. 

Sheriff's officials are still trying to find the mother of Baby India, whom they rescued June 6.

Investigators released new body camera video from the responding officers in hopes that it will lead to credible information on the identity of the baby and how she ended up abandoned in the woods. 

We're also getting our first listen to the 911 call from the night Baby India was found, which paints a scene of the newborn's first few moments in the world - one of confusion, then shock when the family realizes what they've discovered. 

Read the full transcript of the 911 call below. (Listen to the full 911 call here)

Dispatch: Forsyth County 911, what's your emergency?

Caller: We can hear a baby crying in the woods outside our house.

Caller: We're kind of scared to go too close to the crying, because we're not sure if it's by itself.

Dispatch: OK. Can you tell me your name?

(Redacted by sheriff's office)

Caller: There's definitely he thinks a baby is down there ... it's right off the road. 

Caller: We could hear it screaming from our deck. We weren't sure if it was an animal, but we think it's a baby.

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Dispatch: And it sounds like it's coming from the woods?

Caller: Yes, it's definitely in the woods. We just don't know if somebody's down there with it. Kinda scared. 


Dispatch: Have you seen anybody suspicious in the area?

Caller: No, but we just got back in from out of town ... so.

Dispatch: And how long have you been hearing the noise?

Caller: It's in a bag. It's in a bag.

Dispatch: What's in a bag?

Caller: Hurry! Hurry!

Dispatch: What's in a bag?

Caller: They say the baby's in a bag.

Dispatch: Is she breathing.

Caller: She's crying, so ...

Dispatch: But you found the baby?

Caller: Yes.


Caller: You gotta hurry.

Dispatch: OK.

Dispatch: Is the baby a boy or a girl?

Caller: A girl (inaudible). It's OK. It's OK. Shhh. 

Dispatch: And there was nobody around it?

Caller: No, there's nobody - are they coming? Are they on their way?

Dispatch: Yes ma'am.

Caller: They are coming?

Dispatch: Yes, my questions aren't slowing them down.

Caller: OK, OK. They're coming. But are they on their way?

Dispatch: Yes.

Caller: OK, but should we open it out of the bag? Should we -

Dispatch: Is there an opening in the bag?

Caller: He's got the baby. He's got the baby in the bag. (Inaudible) Can you open the bad, darling? Open the bag. She's breathing. She's breathing.

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Dispatch: It's a girl?

Caller: A girl.

Dispatch: Is she breathing normally?

Caller: (Inaudible) Yes.

Dispatch: OK. Take a deep, deep breath. Everybody stay calm for me.


Caller: Sorry my - We're all very upset.

Dispatch: And you say you didn't see anybody around?

Caller: No! We haven't seen anybody.


Caller: And you swear somebody is on their way?

Dispatch: How old is the baby appear to be?

Caller: I ... I ... Newborn.

Dispatch: Newborn?

Caller: Newborn - yes. Are they coming?

Dispatch: Yes they are, I need you to take a deep breath for me. We have everybody coming to you as fast we can, OK?

Caller: OK, that's all we want to know, is they're coming.

Dispatch: Yes, my questions aren't slowing them down.

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Caller: What are the questions? I'm not by the baby, I'm with my kids. My husband has the baby.

Dispatch: OK. Can he wrap a cloth or something around it - try and keep it warm?

Caller: OK. Get your pillowcase. Bring me that pillowcase.


Caller: Can you wrap it? They're coming.


Dispatch: Does she look like she's bleeding anywhere or injured?


Caller: She looks healthy, but y'all need to get here. My husband's panicking. We're all panicking. 

Dispatch: I understand. You're doing great. Take a deep breath.

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Caller: I think a cop's here.

Dispatch: You see them?

Caller: Yeah, a cop's here.

Dispatch: Are the police, are they able to see you from where they are?

Caller: Yeah, they stopped. They stopped.

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Dispatch: Alright, if the police are with you, I'm going to let you go so you can speak with them, OK?

Caller: OK.

Dispatch: The ambulance is en route to you as fast as they can.

Caller: OK. OK. 

Dispatch: Alright

Caller: Thank you.

Dispatch: Bye. 

Watch the body camera video from when she was rescued.