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Georgia couple creates 'Tinder for job seekers' to help people find work

Juvo360 uses GPS data to show people looking for hourly jobs exactly where to apply.

ATLANTA — You could call it Tinder for job seekers: An Atlanta-based couple launched an app that connects people looking for work with people hiring close to where they live.

They're hoping it will entice hesitant job seekers back to the workforce. 

"We make the match super quick," said Debbie Emery.

She and Mark Emery are trying to make a connection between people looking for work and people looking to hire.

"Most of the time, I'll drive from point A to point B and not think about the opportunities around me," said Mark. 

Their app, Juvo360, uses GPS data to show people looking for hourly jobs exactly where to apply.

"When they pass by an employer that is hiring, we send the job through the app so they're aware of things they might never know exist, right in their backyard," said Debbie.

Looking for matches near you highlighted by an online app- yeah, they've heard the comparisons to that popular dating app.

"We even have the swipe right and swipe left capabilities on the app, so we get that piece of it," said Debbie.

While Juvo360 might not uncover a love connection, it could help you find a job you love - and a lot closer to home.

"What we are trying to create is successful local jobs and economies," she said.

The US Jobs Report found nearly 600,000 jobs were added to the economy in May, but 7 million jobs remain vacant.

COVID-19, unemployment benefits, uncertainty about vaccines, childcare issues - it's all playing into people waiting to come back to work.

Mark said employers in Atlanta have to take geography and traffic into account, too.

"I'm putting 20% of my paycheck into my gas tank for a 4-hour shift," he said. 

He said that by showing employees job options close to home, they're removing that barrier.

"For a job seeker, looking for jobs is hard and complicated," Debbie said. "You're going on to websites, you're going into stores, you're using different job boards, you're sometimes not hearing back from employers at all. It's a long, tedious process."

They also hold in-person events for employees to meet potential employers.

"In all my years working in HR and tech, I have never seen an employer hire a piece of paper," Mark said. "I have never seen an employee work for a job description. People want to meet face to face." 

Their next event is next Saturday in Marietta.

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