Johns Creek Police Department really wants to hire you. But they said hiring their next brother or sister in blue has brought with it some pretty interesting applicants.

So they posted a video that’s not Jimmy Fallon or Seth Myers, but it’s a faux talk show, with a ‘Top 10 List’ inspired by David Letterman. That list? "How not to get hired by the Johns Creek Police Department."

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For example, number 10: “When asked have you ever been arrested, you say, ‘Not sure. Can you guys go check for me?’

Captain Chris Byers is featured in the clip posted to the Johns Creek Police Department Facebook Page.

“Everything in that “Top 10 List,” has happened here in the last nine years of hiring. All authentic, I promise,” Byers said with a grin.

Since posted to Facebook last month, the video has gotten a whopping 25,000 views and counting, one of the Police Department’s highest views.

“It was one of those times that we decided we want to show the lighter side to law enforcement. To come out with that list, and you just learn to keep a straight face through it,” Byers said. Referring to his reaction to the applicants who happenings actually made the list.

The police department currently has six positions open and says they are being picky.

You can watch the video below. Can’t see it on your mobile device? Click here.

The top 10:

10. When asked have you ever been arrested, you answer, ‘Not sure. Can you guys check for me?’

9. Attend the physical agility test and the sheriff's office shows up to arrest you on an outstanding warrant.

8. When asked when's the last time you did illegal drugs, you say, 'On the way here. It calms my nerves!'

7. Sending your application with a salary requirement of $100,000 a year. It's a police officer position, ladies and gentleman.

6. When asked how many times you smoked pot, you forget, so you simply put, 'the 1970's'.

5. Attend the written test, back into a police car in the department parking lot and leave the scene. They know who you are!

4. When asked to take a drug test, you ask, 'Can I possibly reschedule in 30 days?'

3. Call the police department from the jail and see if you can reschedule your interview

2. Having your mom drop you off for the written test and wait for you, until you're done.

1. Ask if you can be assigned to the narcotics unit because you personally know so many drug dealers.

Johns Creek Police say they plan to do more lists, so be on the look out!