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Student with autism starts 'Be Kind to Everyone' campaign with a new twist

She and her family started a "be kind to everyone" campaign, and it's back for the week-long celebration - with a new twist.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A high school student in Forsyth County is a big part of World Kindness Week activities in schools all over the country.

Jordyn Moore has autism. She and her family started a "Be Kind To Everyone" campaign, and it's back for the week-long celebration - with a new twist.

They designed banners that encourage people to be the "I" in kind. They have shipped them all over the country. One is in Jordyn's high school, South Forsyth High School. 

Jordyn, and her mom Jackie said it means a lot to see the huge response.

"We're sending one to California. We're sending one to Colorado. We're sending one to a Walmart in Missouri. We're sending one to Chick-fil-A down the road," Jackie listed. "It's just been an amazing, unique bunch - schools, businesses - all coming together to say, let's put kindness to the front message."

Credit: WXIA

The kids reaction to the banner is great. 

The banners are 6 feet tall 10 feet wide - a reminder that everyone can be the "I" in kind in big and small ways, everyday.

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