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'I'm not going to stop giving him CPR' | 911 call shows how nurse tried to help Kevin Samuels

The caller, who identified herself as a nurse, tried to help Samuels as she waited for an ambulance.

ATLANTA — A newly released 911 call sheds light on the moments leading up to popular YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels' death.

Samuels, a self-proclaimed relationship guru, died in Atlanta last week.

An incident report released by Atlanta Police Department said officers were called to Samuels' Buckhead apartment on May 5. A 911 call released by APD now accompanies that report.

"Please, just come fast it's Kevin Samuels, you need to come fast," a woman is heard telling dispatch in the 911 call.

Her frantic pleas for help are met with the customary questions from a dispatcher, asking for a location. The woman was unable to give an apartment number, refusing to leave Samuels' side as dispatchers called for an ambulance.

EMS dispatch took over the call and asked the same customary questions to the woman. She lets them know once more that she does not know the apartment number. 

> Listen to the 911 call in the video below

"I'm not sure what it is," she frantically said. "He's not breathing, I'm trying to give him CPR - he's breathing now, but I think he has irregular rhythm. Please hurry. I'm a nurse, but I'm trying to do CPR."

The woman, who said it was her first time at the home, urged EMS to contact the apartment complex's front desk and to ask for directions to Samuels' residence. 

"It's probably his heart, I need you to get here," she said.

EMS called for an ambulance to start heading toward East Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. 

"Hurry, he's getting blue!" she yelled into the phone.

EMS once again urged the woman to get them more information to help get first responders to the apartment.

"We have help en route," he calmly said on the call. "We need to know the apartment number ma'am. It will take longer if we have to ask the front desk ma'am."

The woman, who was heard crying on the phone, quickly responds.

"I'm not going to stop giving him CPR," she said.

Off the receiver, she was heard telling the individual she was helping, "you're OK. I got you, don't worry."

 Dispatch asked again if the man was breathing.

"No, he's not," she said. "He's turning (expletive) blue."

Dispatch stayed on the phone with her and began giving her directions on how to perform CPR. The 911 call, which lasted more than 17 minutes, ended with dispatch continuing to give directions as first responders arrived.

In the incident report, Atlanta Police said officers found Samuels unresponsive. Police added the woman stated he "complained of chest pain" the previous night, and he fell the next morning, prompting her to call 911.

Samuels was taken to Piedmont Hospital, according to APD's report.

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