KENNESAW, Ga. — A story that made nationwide headlines is last year resurfacing again.

Last September, five Kennesaw State University cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem, their silent protest sparking a controversy.

Now with the new season beginning, four of the five girls are no longer on the squad.

11Alive wanted to talk one-on-one with the school's new president, Pamela Whitten, to ask if the school would elaborate on the matter. However, our hope for a transparent conversation was denied, with the school referring to its previous statement - that competition went up with an increase of applicants.

They said seven girl who were on the squad last year, didn't make it this year.

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With the controversy firing back up, 11Alive also requested a one-on-one with the athletic director to set the record straight on camera. We did not hear back from the athletic department's communication team.

Students on campus, however, didn't mind talking with us about how once again – the spotlight is on the school.

"Why can't they make the cheerleading team if they are fit," one student said. "They're perfect individuals for the team. Why can't they do it?"

"I think they're just saying that as an excuse for kneeling," another said.

"Kennesaw wants to avoid being noticed."