KENNESAW, Ga. -- The Confederate flag may not have been flying over a downtown Kennesaw park during protests, but its presence was certainly felt Monday night.

If some had their way, the flag would never go back up.

A night of protests began in the evening hours of Aug. 21, when a group gathered under the empty flag pole. From there, they marched to a Kennesaw city council meeting in protest of the flag.

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"That's not what our community is about here in Kennesaw," said Reid Jones, who started a petition to get the flag permanently removed. "That's not what we represent."

A week since Jones first started the petition, it's been stolen twice. It's also caught the attention of city leaders and those who want it to stay.

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"It's a part of our history, for the good or bad," said Alicia Daniell, who'd like to see the flag stay. "I know this has been going on for decades.

The flag flies as part of a war memorial, so state law prevents the city from taking it down. But Monday night, the Kennesaw City Council voted to pass a resolution to change that. It now has to go to state legislature for a final decision.

Back in the park, supporters of the flag made their presence felt, despite a fight from a group that wants the flag to come down.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Kennesaw Police didn't take any chances; there were more officers than protesters. In the end, though, the protests were peaceful and for the most part, quiet.