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Kennesaw business that changed gears to survive pandemic faces another challenge

Bill Groff had to change his business model during the pandemic, and it hasn't been easy.

KENNESAW, Ga. — Bill Groff and his family have run Team One Display Services in Kennesaw for almost 20 years, designing exhibits for trade shows across the country. 

Their business came to a halt when the pandemic hit. They received money to keep their small business running through the Paycheck Protection Program, but now that money is gone. 

"We had to liquidate our savings, our retirement savings, had to sell a home and sell our vehicle to fund this pivot," said Groff. 

After decades in business, they switched gears to start Mod Shed, building backyard studios, she-sheds and offices. 

"To me it seemed like a logical solution.. someone can purchase and put in their backyard to use as an office, said Groff."

The next problem they faced was trying to find customers. With no money left to get the word out that they had changed their business entirely, they believed that putting a Mod Shed into the JimPa's parking lot would help. 

They hoped that by being in the restaurant lot at a busy intersection, it would generate enough business to survive. However, the same day they constructed a Mod Shed in the parking lot, a building inspector came by and made them stop. 

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The City of Kennesaw said they need a temporary use permit, which must be approved by the mayor and city council. They don't meet again until September 8. 

Now Groff and his family will have to take the Mod Shed down and try again next month. They hope to get the permit so their new business survives. 

The Mod Shed costs around $900 to make and takes two people up to four hours to build. 

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