KENNESAW, Ga. — Nearly two weeks after a Kennesaw State student was shot and killed at an apartment complex near campus, security there continues to be a big concern for some.

A KSU student and her mom are upset and claim the complex is neglecting the students’ safety.

“When it said Kennesaw State and then it came up Stadium Village Apartments, I immediately called my daughter,” Claudette Lowe said.

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It was her worst nightmare. Her daughter Briana Nixon is a senior at Kennesaw State University.

“So, I was just shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I’m like this is where I live,” Briana said.

The apartment complex is a student living community just miles from campus. Briana lives in the same building where a fellow student was gunned down after an argument on Oct. 6. She says the shooting was just the tipping point of ongoing safety concerns at the complex.

“She has not been back there and has packed up her stuff,” Claudette said.

“There are a lot of things that have happened at Stadium that haven’t made it to the news,” Briana said.

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Briana said she moved in last August. Since then, she’s noticed a lack of security which she claims is supposed to be positioned at the entrance.

She also showed a video that suggested multiple gates are easily accessible without a resident key card.

“When the shooting happened, it made it even more of an issue because I’m like, OK, this shouldn’t have happened,” Briana said.

Claudette said she came across a petition expressing similar safety concerns. Briana said she received a letter from management shortly after the shooting which makes suggestions to residents on how to protect themselves.

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The letter also pointed out that the complex has been working with Cobb County Police and also KSU. It added that residents must have an assigned access card and a permit placed behind the rearview mirror in order to enter.

Below, it states, “property entrances are subject to monitoring by police or courtesy officers” and “each visitor could be subject to providing the officer with a valid driver’s license, resident name and unit number they are visiting.”

Both Briana and Claudette said they brought their concerns to the complex but felt like they were not addressed.

“Yes, I know crime is everywhere, but these are our children,” Claudette said. “They are there for a reason. They are there for education. This should be their focus.”

They said they are working to break the lease because of the safety concerns. 11Alive attempted to reach Stadium Village Apartments regarding their claims but have not heard back.