GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – 11Alive News has learned new details in the case of two brothers accused of brutally attacking their parents, attempting to kill them.

According to visitation logs at the Gwinnett County Jail, 22-year-old Christopher Ervin was visited by two family members over the weekend. The logs list two out-of-town visitors, identified by the jail as his aunts Rosalind and Sharon Ervin, who spent no more than 30 minutes with Ervin on Saturday morning.

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However, the logs show that the relatives did not visit younger brother, 17-year-old Cameron Ervin. According to records, he has not received any registered visitors.

The Ervin brothers have been jailed since Sept. 5 on aggravated assault and arson charges. Police say they drugged their parents and then attacked them when a plan to burn down the family home failed.



Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said that both brothers are being held on suicide watch. He said his office is monitoring the brothers' visitation because they have both reached out to their parents, attempting to schedule a visit. 

Records show thus far, neither parent has visited the brothers in jail.

Porter told 11Alive's Blayne Alexander that so far, the investigation shows no evidence of abusive parenting by Zach and Yvonne Ervin.

"There's no evidence of abuse by the parents, there's no evidence of physical abuse, there's no evidence of what we would even consider unnecessary discipline," Porter said.

Porter described any conflict as "normal" family issues: the Ervins wanting their sons to excel.  Porter describes one argument between Zach Ervin and older son Chris after the 22-year-old dropped out of the Air Force.

"'You got to go back to college or you've get a job or you've got to do something,' -- and the son went out and bought himself a new car," Porter said.

Porter said Cameron was upset that his parents forced him to get a job.

According to the Gwinnett Police report, when officers arrived at the family's home, they found Christopher face down and unresponsive in an upstairs bathroom. But Porter said he wasn't injured at all.

"He was playing possum," he said. "It was an act."

According to Porter, as 17-year-old Cameron was questioned by police, he was holding and twirling around a football championship ring. Investigators later determined that he had taken it from his father.

"In their interviews and in their later statements, they don't seem to show any remorse for their actions," Porter said.

The district attorney said his office will not block anyone from visiting the brothers in jail. A spokesperson for the sheriff's office says there are no jail restrictions on their visitation. 

Attorneys for the brothers said they will decide in the next few weeks whether to seek bond for their clients.

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