LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A mother was arrested after she was seen slapping another student after she boarded a Gwinnett County School bus on Wednesday, January 31.

According to witness statements and the bus driver, two female students got into a fight on a Central Gwinnett High School bus at 6:30 a.m. on the day of the incident.

The girls, 14 and 15-years-old, were physically fighting when 35-year-old Nijah Underwood, allegedly one of the girls' mothers, boarded the bus.

The woman was then seen in recorded video footage, striking the 14-year-old in the face.

Two warrants were obtained for the mother's arrest. One was for simple battery in reference to striking the student in the face and the second warrant was for disruption of public schools since she delayed the school bus from continuing on its route to the school.

The woman was arrested and taken to Gwinnett County Jail that day.

The 14-year-old student was charged with battery due to causing minor visible damage to the other student and the 15-year-old student was charged with simple battery for getting into a physical altercation.

Since both were juveniles, they were released to their parents.

The school released this statement to parents:

"Dear parents of students on Bus 10,

I want to make you aware of an incident that occurred on your child's bus this morning. It was reported that two students got into a fight at the bus stop prior to the arrival of the bus. When the bus arrived, one of the students boarded the bus. The other student, who had gone home, returned to the bus with a parent. That student and her parent boarded the bus and confronted the other student and a physical altercation ensued. The fight was broken up and police were called to handle the situation. This type of behavior-- by the students and the parent-- is unacceptable and I want to assure you that we are taking appropriate action. Both students face disciplinary action and will be charged criminally. In addition, the parent is facing criminal charges for interfering with school operations and simple battery.

I know you will agree that the safety of our students-- at school and while they travel to and from school-- is a priority. I felt it was important for you to be aware of this situation and how our school responded. As always, thank you for your support and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Shane Orr, Principal"