ATLANTA-- Republican U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson quietly won the re-election backing of one of Georgia's leading Democrats Thursday. Rep. David Scott (D-Atlanta) revealed in an interview with 11Alive News that he'll vote for Isakson in November.

"I’ve always voted for Johnny Isakson. He’s my friend. He’s my partner," Scott said. "And I always look out for my partners."

Isakson was a Republican in Georgia back when Democrats controlled the state. He and Scott started their careers in the legislature in 1970s. Both men transitioned to Congress around the turn of the century where, Scott says, they've crossed party lines and partnered on veterans and other issues.

An 11Alive News poll shows that Isakson has support from 48 percent of likely voters – compared to 39 percent for Democrat Jim Barksdale and five percent for Libertarian Allen Buckley. Our poll showed that Isakson has more support among Democrats than Barksdale has among Republicans.

"Johnny Isakson’s not just anybody. He’s done stuff. He’s worked stuff," Scott said. "Judge him by the work."

Scott says he’s not going to campaign for Isakson. But even in an unpredictable election year, Scott thinks the US Senate election will be predictable. "I certainly feel like Johnny Isakson pretty much should win that race," Scott said.

Scott is running unopposed for re-election to his Congressional seat in November.