The legal saga of the only man ever charged in the I-85 bridge fire earlier this year may end on Friday.

According to his attorneys, Basil Eleby will appear before a Fulton County Superior Court judge at 9:30 am and enter an accountability court program.

"We look forward to Mr. Eleby being able to move forward while continuing to reconstruct his life,” said Gary Spenser, a member of Eleby’s legal team.

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Eleby has been represented pro bono by a legal team comprised of attorneys Tiffany Williams Roberts, Lawrence Zimmerman, Spencer, and Mawuli Davis.

Eleby had been charged with arson and criminal damage to property in connection with the fire.

According to his arrest warrant, Eleby allegedly smoked crack cocaine under the bridge before he placed “a chair on top of a shopping cart, [reached] under that shopping cart and ignited it.”

Fulton jail records show Eleby had been arrested 19 times before for drug, battery, assault and other charges.