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Bar managers report 'liquor bandit' steals whiskey, tequila and sells it as $1 shots on streets

You've heard of the Grinch who stole Christmas, but have you heard about the thief who steals and then sells liquor from bars?

ATLANTA — You've heard of the Grinch who stole Christmas, but how about the thief who steals and then sells liquor from bars?

That's what several Atlanta business owners tell 11Alive is happening right now. 

A large window is boarded up at Neighbor's Pub in Virginia Highlands. The manager said it'll cost $1,400 to fix along with hundreds of dollars in alcohol. She believes the most bizarre part is how it's reportedly being used. 

“Every night when we close, we take u-locks, and we put them on both doors," Neighbor's Pub operations manager Jessica Ramsey said.

Ramsey said this is the sixth or seventh time her business has been burglarized within the past year. 

They'll break through the window, and then into grab liquor and out as quick as they can," Ramsey said.

This Grinch has a thirst for what's behind the bar.

“I think it was eight or nine bottles, mostly like Jack Daniels, honey Jack, some Jim Beam, as well as mid-grade tequila," Ramsey said.

The bar's surveillance cameras captured the theft on camera. 

“He came in this way, down to this end of the bar, just walked back and grabbed what he could, put it in like a reusable shopping bag, and went back out the door," Ramsey pointed out. 

Ramsey said this happened just after midnight on Thursday. Then just hours later, Brewhouse Pub captured a video showing what appears to be a similar-looking man stealing liquor. 

“Someone's just taking your product for their own personal use and profit and then leaving you with broken windows and a mess to clean up," Ramsey said. 

What has Ramsey really scratching her head is now neighbors tell her the liquor thief is cashing out. 

“It is being sold for a shot at a time, basically, and a building that is close by that if you bring your own container, they'll pour you a dollar a shot," Ramsey said.

She said her next step is to install metal bars or a gate over the windows at night if the liquor thefts continue.


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