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White Henry County high school student captured on camera calling Black student the N-word

The video shows the Black student then slapping the white students. Parents said the Black teen was punished, but the white teen initially was not.

LOCUST GROVE, Ga. — A Henry County high school is investigating an incident where a white female student is captured on camera using the N-word at a Black male student. The male is then seen slapping the female.

“Racism in any shape or form isn’t okay," Komisha Davis said. 

Komisha Davis' 15-year-old daughter goes to Locust Grove High School, where the now viral incident happened. 

“For you to hear that your child is not safe at a place you send her to every day, that’s devastating," Davis said. 

Davis said she's considering switching her daughter's school after hearing of multiple racial incidents there.

“I would like to see them not throw what they call just a word under the rug," Davis said. 

Senior Layla Moreau and her friend organized a protest at the high school Thursday morning. 

“I’ve been called an N-word myself," Layla Moreau said.

Moreau said she feels uncomfortable being a Black student at a predominantly white high school.

"We decided to take action against it because this is not the first time at that school or a school in Henry County," Moreau said. 

Parents tell 11Alive the male student received punishment for slapping the female student, while the girl who said the N-word initially did not. 

“It shouldn’t be two different treatments," Moreau said. "Give the same treatment for everybody and not based on their skin color.”

Moreau is helping to organize a program for Black students to express their concerns at school.

“It makes me feel bad because I don’t understand why is it that way? I love everybody. I don’t understand why everybody can’t just love each other," Moreau said. 

“Make the kids know that it’s okay to come to school and learn and not have to be called the N-word," Davis said. 

More protests may happen at the high school Friday, according to parents.

A spokesperson for Henry County Schools sent 11Alive this statement:

"We were made aware of a matter involving a student using highly inappropriate/offensive and unacceptable language toward another student, which then resulted in an altercation. We cannot state strongly enough how these types of behaviors are not and will not ever be tolerated in Henry County Schools. We are still gathering information pertaining to the matter, but students involved in this incident will be held accountable and appropriate discipline will be issued. Again, we cannot overstate how unacceptable this is and how disappointed we are in these actions. School administrators were able to meet with students on Thursday in a very productive and positive way for students to express their feelings. It was a great opportunity for both leaders and students to listen and work together. Administrators and staff remain available to listen to and support anyone who needs it."

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