A Macon woman died after deputies found her shot in a middle of a street.

Just before 2 a.m. Thursday, investigators found 26-year-old Jamarta Clark lying in the 2800-block of Elpis Street, that’s off Pansy Avenue and Columbus Street.

Clark was later pronounced dead at the Medical Center, Navicent Health.

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“It's just shocking that an innocent, young person would lose their life over nothing,” said Derrick Brown.

Investigators were back on scene later Thursday morning trying to piece together what happened to Clark.

Deputies say no one is in custody, no witnesses have come forward, and they don’t know what led to the shooting.

Her body was left on Elpis Street between Grasso and Lilly Avenue.

“It's such a sad situation because she seemed like such a loving person,” said Wade White.

For people that knew Clarke, they're having a hard time understanding why this happened.

“She was a nice lady. She'd walk around here and spoke to me every day. I mean she was a really nice lady,” said Brown.

Until the shooter is off the street, people say they'll be on their guard and praying for the Clark family.

“Be mindful of the people that are in your neighborhood. We don't want to keep losing people to unfortunate situations like that,” said White.

This case is under investigation.

Anyone with information on this case can call the Bibb Sheriff's Office at 478-751 -7500.