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Marietta couple celebrates 60 years of love!

Their love story continues after 60 years.

MARIETTA, Ga. — It is a significant day. 

Today is the celebration of an event that’s been in the works since July of 1960. Roy and Mable Myers got married July 22, in Georgia.

“It’s all about being faithful and sharing your love," Roy said. 

Mable added, “We just keep loving each other.”

They met when they were teenagers at an after-school hang-out spot in Marietta called the Cantine.

“It was a place everyone would go after school,” Roy remembered. “We could talk and listen to music; it was a safe place.”

The building has been gone for years. There is a park there now. 

But they remember it like it was yesterday. They’ve told the story many times. It is a favorite of Dionne Myers, their daughter-in-law. 

“He saw a beautiful girl across the room and he came over to say ‘hi.’”

Credit: Provided
Roy and Mabel Myers

Dionne said Mable already had her eye on Roy, “but she said she was going to make him make the first move,” she joked.

The rest is history, and their love story continues after 60 years.

Love is proven in the hard times - like when Mable was diagnosed with cancer and was at Northside Hospital for weeks.

“My husband would come every day around 5 o’clock and stay with me all night and sit by my bedside,” she recalled. 

Roy would work all day and hold Mable’s hand all night. 

“He done that until I got ready to get out of the hospital,” said Mable, who still tears up talking about it.

“They show each other such love and compassion,” Dionne added. 

It is an example their four sons, two daughters-in-law, six grandchildren, and four great-grand children are proud to follow.

The Myers are both retired from the United States Postal Service. Combined, they gave 72 years to their work there.

Credit: Provided
Roy and Mabel Myers

They still maintain their beautiful home in Marietta, which Roy built with his own hands with the help of other skilled friends about 55 years ago. At 80 years old, he is still driving and thriving.

Mable has her family wrapped around her heart and finger. They said they love to pitch in to run errands for her or chauffeur her wherever she needs to go.

We wish them many loving and healthy years ahead. Happy Anniversary!


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