MARIETTA, Ga. -- With dozens of popular gun shows throughout Georgia all year long, mass shootings have put the spotlight on gun sales.

Taking the biggest hit--the AR-15, with more than 5-million sold already and prominently displayed as you walk into the Marietta Gun Show.

It was a similar weapon used in mass shootings in Aurora, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, the Texas church attack, in San Bernardino and most recently in Parkland, Florida.

But buying an AR-15 or any other weapon is not as easy as it may look.

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Although gun laws in Georgia are liberal and allow people to buy guns at a show like this one in Marietta and walk out the door, it does require an extensive background check with 6 full pages to be filled out and approved by the Federal government before anybody walk s out of here with a weapon.

Is that enough for an 18-year-old?

“I think if they are adults and they do a background check, I think its fine,” said Brian Young as he entered the Marietta Gun Show.

Shani Rivera is a military veteran and thinks differently.

“Excluding the military, I would support higher age limits for being able to purchase that kind of a gun,” she said.

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For Brian Young, himself a hunter, and at the show to shop for a gun for his wife sees to use for target shooting, the gun market has changed.

“People see a gun as taking responsibility for themselves and not necessarily relying on police to protect them,” he said.

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But for a gun show visitor from England, liberal US gun laws frighten him.

“I wouldn’t perhaps want to live in a place where there is a lot of guns on the streets and things and I do feel a bit cagy about it,” said Clive Ellick.

But despite the headlines and the outcry to tighten the gun laws, gun shows are thriving with no letup in sight.