MARIETTA, Ga. -- Police suggest a car’s collision with a Marietta Papa John’s Pizza is a case of distracted driving.

This picture from the Marietta Police Department’s Twitter shows drywall, cinder blocks chunks, and other debris spewing from the wall hit by the car.

Marietta Papa Johns Pics.001_1528730821882.jpeg.jpg

Several comments joke about the “Now Hiring Drivers” banner on the same wall as the collision, but the incident highlights the need for a distracted driving law, according to the tweet.

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Marietta is one of the only cities in the state that has their own hands-free law on the books. It was passed in April 2018 with the goal of promoting “the health, safety, and general welfare of the public,” according to the ordinance. Smyrna was the first to pass a distracted driving measure in January 2018.

Though no injuries were reported, accidents like Sunday’s Papa John’s collision can end very differently. The Georgia Department of Highway Safety’s most recent numbers report 72 distracted driving deaths in 2015.

Before Georgia’s law prohibiting texting while driving in 2010, the distracted driving death toll was 175. That number fell almost seven percent after the law went into effect.

Georgia’s newest distracted driving law, the Hands-Free Georgia Act, goes into effect on July 1. The law bans drivers from holding cell phones and other mobile devices, but allows the use of Bluetooth.

“As with any significant legislation like this (seatbelt, move-over, etc.) we have a period of time where we focus on educating the public about the new laws and yes, that includes warnings judiciously,” said Captain Mark Perry with the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Governor’s Office of Highway Safety spokesperson Robert Hydrick says that officers will be working to educate drivers of the law during the first 90 to 120 days of its effect.

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