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'Thank you, Atlanta. I love you': A farewell message from Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

"Atlanta's a place of love. It's a place of community. It's about us coming together," she said.

ATLANTA — In her final hours as Atlanta mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms released a video Sunday as part of her farewell message to the city. 

In the video, Mayor Bottoms described the vibrancy of Atlanta. She also spoke about several highlights during her term as mayor including her One Atlanta and affordable housing initiatives.

"Atlanta's a place of love. It's a place of community. It's about us coming together, bringing all of our strengths and bringing all of our weaknesses to the table, working to achieve and create the best of who we are in each of us," Mayor Bottoms said in the video.  

She added that the world is watching the City of Atlanta and she wants it to be "this great, safe place" for everyone. 

"That makes me really work hard to make sure that our work is impactful for generations and for people outside of my immediate community and my family," she said. "We've been able to deliver meals, we've been able to deliver jobs, we've been able to deliver assistance in our toughest of times. Sometimes we get knocked down but each and every time, we've always gotten back up and we've stood even taller."

Bottoms ended the video saying she had "an opportunity to deliver for people who often don't have a voice and don't have influence. I'm just trusting and believing that the next is going to be even bigger and better. Whatever that next may be. I just thank you all."

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