STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. -- A terrifying moment that left a man and his young granddaughter in a perilous situation ended on a high note back in October thanks to the actions of first responders.

Now months later, the survivors of a plane crash in Henry County have reunited with their rescuers to say say a simple but heartfelt phrase: "Thank you".

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The crash happened at the Berry Hill Airport in Stockbridge. James Thompson and his 8-year-old granddaughter London Buckley were both injured in the crash.

But thanks to the quick actions of those who responded and gave care that day, they made it out OK.

"Just so grateful for all the first responders that was there and Cory for pulling us out of the airplane," James Thompson said. "A bunch of people came together to make sure we got the care we needed."

The exact cause of the crash hasn't been determined. But for young London, it's not as important as the actions of those who helped them in their time of need.

"Thank you for saving my life and my grandpa's," she finally got the chance to tell them.