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Helping Mamas to start delivering to mom's in need after truck's catalytic converter stolen

The brand new truck has sat for months, waiting for a replacement to be delivered.

ATLANTA — Editor's note: The video above is from a previous web story

A metro Atlanta non-profit will soon be getting back on the road after their truck’s catalytic converter was stolen several months ago.

Helping Mamas confirmed to 11Alive that their box truck is getting a new catalytic converter. The non-profit initially used the truck to deliver diapers and supplies to mothers in need.

However, their deliveries were halted when the truck’s catalytic converter was stolen. The brand new truck has sat for months, waiting for a replacement to be delivered.

Helping Mamas founder Jamie Lackey spoke to 11Alive back in March. She was distraught and frustrated when she realized what happened to the truck.

"You feel like you’re letting down your community, your staff and the donors because you have this useless truck that can’t do anything for you,” Lackey said. 

The replacement was ordered in January, but supply chain issues made it hard to determine when the car part would arrive. 

After several months of waiting, the new part is finally in. The truck was towed to a repair shop where it will be installed. 

Catalytic converters filter out harmful emissions and help your car run more efficiently. The car part is typically stolen for their precious metal, which could be worth thousands per ounce.

Once it’s stolen, supply chain issues continue to slow down their replacement, leaving victims like Lackey frustrated and waiting.

Now that the part has been ordered, the non profit will be able to deliver items needed in underserved communities. Helping Mamas also said they will be adding security measures to keep the theft from happening again.

Gwinnett County Police are still searching for the thief. 

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